The society has never been more equal when it comes to men and women. While there are still many social differences between sexes, the truth is equality is slowly getting there to change the way we see things.

Unfortunately, many aspects are deeply rooted into society and while misogyny is harshly contested in the civilized world, there are still occasional cases when people let their thoughts out and say things they should not.

Derik Fein is one of the latest figures to draw some negative attention with sexist and misogynistic comments towards a young Instagram influencer who rejected his invitations to go out after researching his name and finding out more about him.

How it all started

Jenny is a makeup artist with a solid Instagram audience. Derik Fein is an aspiring musician with over a million Instagram followers, little to no comments on his posts, and barely a few followers on other social networks.

Initially, Jenny refused his invitation, but the wannabe musician did not stop there. After a string of likes, he tried again. A bit of research saved Jenny from a potentially dangerous situation, discovering plenty of negative articles regarding his fake fan following. Again, she decided to ignore him.

When things went the wrong way

Facing rejection for a second time, Derik Fein proceeded to insult the young makeup influencer and make a series of sexist comments, which led her to report him to Instagram and make a few screenshots public.

After inviting her out to discover fame with paparazzi all around them and getting refused, Derik Fein told her that she would never reach his fame, mostly because he is a male musician, while she is only a “low life girl with influencer impressions”.

He continued, adding that she should be happy that she received attention from someone with such a huge fan following.

However, Instagram indirectly shamed him for buying his followers, after he got an extra million followers in a few days, and Instagram wiped them all within hours. He was left with just over a million followers, but chances are the number will drop even more.

After all, when you have a million followers on Instagram as a musician, chances are your YouTube channel is just as appreciated. With 13,000 fans, something is obviously wrong. With 100 comments for each post, it is pretty obvious that most followers are fake.

Further action to be taken

Jenny has reported the abusive comments from Derik Fein to Instagram. The young influencer has also blocked him to ensure no further abuse will reach her. Since Instagram is known to struggle a little with reports on fake accounts and abuse, it may take a few weeks until we can see further action.

What makes the story stand out is the fact that most people would expect an aspiring musician to engage into such fishy activities as buying followers for fame. Derik Fein thought differently. He bought a bit of fame, but not to promote his music. Instead, he is using it to chase and stalk girls on social media.

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