Unique branding will make a startup business stand out in a bustling market. A lot of business founders take it easy and tell designers off to make just any logo similar to perhaps some of the well-known companies. But bear in mind that branding packages for startups should be considered more strategically. 

The visual identity of businesses should be likened to a fingerprint or a social security code such that no one else has it. This makes so much sense considering no other company has the same name as another. Business startups should remember the reason why they started, perhaps the passionate idea behind it, and so the audience should as well connect and relate with the startup’s specialty. Branding packages should be fresh and original.

3 Benefits of Great Branding Packages for Startup Businesses

There are indicators of robust branding packages, and these may enable a startup business to:

  • Stand Out – For a startup company, the field may be crowded with competitors and distinctive branding packages make them stand out. For a business that’s just starting, getting noticed is synonymous with success.
  • Scale Up – A branding style guide thoughtfully documenting the startup’s identity, and offered in great branding packages, should be scalable. As the business grows, branding elements in branding packages availed should be readily applicable to new marketing and products. It can be compared to a “paint by number” kit where everything you need is there to keep coloring the picture.
  • Add More Value – Robust startup branding and branding packages add value for possible investors or buyers. Having beautiful branding packages in place is like having spent money on a fixer-upper home remodeling. The investment can produce a bigger return than what was spent, as buyers are drawn emotionally to the startup branding.

Different Branding Package Needs for Startup Businesses at Different Stages

Not every startup out there is at the right stage to invest thousands of dollars on branding packages to develop their branding. When a startup is still testing their idea and just needs something – or anything at that – to put on the business cards, they can utilize an inexpensive website that can generate logos.

Before long, they will probably end up revamping their branding when they discover they need more robust branding packages and better craftsmanship. Startup businesses should wait to do this until after they have secured more funding.

If a startup business is a little farther along, and they are moving directly toward its target market and desired position, it might be the best time already to invest in branding identity and pick the right branding packages from professionals. The visual identity created through branding packages by the startup business and the professional must reflect the brand’s persona. The output should create desire in the startup’s customers, impress their investors, and set the startup up as well to scale easily.

Sample Process for Brand Identity Design from Branding Packages Professionals

Whether it’s a brand identity design or just the logo is needed from branding packages, here’s a common process followed by most professionals.

First Step: PROPOSAL

Professionals offering branding packages usually contact the branding webpage to get in touch. Forms to be filled out by potential clients are available on their pages as well. The next steps are the following:

  • A brief call is done to get acquainted with the project’s scope, timeline, and expected budget and to discuss other pertinent details
  • The project proposal and the contract are sent over to the client
  • When amenable to the terms, the client is required to pay the standard 50% deposit
  • The remainder of the payment is due after the completion of the work around 15 – 30 days

For larger projects on branding packages, payment plans with milestones are to be expected.

Second Step: DISCOVERY

Worksheets will signal the kick-off of a project. The worksheet homework will serve as a jumping-off point for future references and will aid the professional in organizing his/her thoughts. The answers in this homework need not be polished yet so there is nothing to worry about.

Inside the worksheets may be questions about the startup history, any existing competitors, and business goals they may have. Some professionals offering branding packages may also include quick exercises that are easily fillable or clickable about the startup’s target audience, goals, problems, and desired outcomes. They may also ask about the startup’s brand archetype or a character symbolic of the organization. Also, the professional offering branding packages will ask what else it is a startup offer besides the evident product or service.

The branding packages professional may also use additional tools to create audience personas or even conduct a stakeholder survey depending on the startup’s line of business.

The designer may also gather and send samples of existing brandings if any. This may be necessary to assess where they are starting from and where improvements can be made through the branding packages offered.

Another step far down the discovery phase is the research and review. Video meetings or face-to-face meetings may be held to talk over the answers on the worksheets in a more in-depth manner including discussing existing materials and mood boards of visual examples, and even reviewing the branding of competitors.

Clients find this phase of the process highly beneficial. It can not only shape the design work done through the branding packages but offers clarity as well on how and what message to send out as a company from that point going forward.


Based on the insights gained in the previous phase of the process, the professional offering branding packages will now create more than one initial design concept to present to the startup stakeholders. It can be done in a video meeting through screen-sharing and sent as PDFs for them to review again afterward.


Having selected the best concept, refining it further is a need. A round of revision may be done by gathering feedback internally from the startup’s core team, providing all the feedback at one time, confirming the requested edits and revisions, and submitting new drafts that are for review.

Once feedback is used to create new drafts of the design, one round of revision is completed. Often, a project scope entails just 3 rounds of revisions. More can be available and billable at an hourly rate.

Fifth Step: Launching

After the approval of designs, the professional offering branding packages will create and send or deliver all final work files to the startup and any vendors if any.

If a project includes branding style guides, the elements of the startup’s branding packages like brand identity designs should be captured in this document. The output may be a valuable reference to keep visuals going forward.

When projects involving branding packages consist of printed deliverables, the professional may contact printers for estimates and manage the printing process if the startup wishes to.

The common timeframe for a typical brand identity project using branding packages is 6-8 weeks. For logo-only branding packages, 3-4 weeks can be expected.

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