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There are constant developments in the mobile user experience niche and mobile app development. Now, creating an effective UX design is harder than ever.

The common saying goes “what looks good- sells better” and UX design is no different. Hence, making a winning UX design is crucial in 2022.

An average human uses only 4% of their total apps.

Moreover, an average mobile app loses 77% of its DAUs within the first 3 days of its installation.

Why? Because of complex, non-user-friendly designs.

This article tells you all pro tips to create the best UX mobile app that converts a user into buyers.

But before dwelling into the essential tips of creating the best mobile user experience (UX) design, we need to know what is mobile UXD and why it’s all hyped up.

Understanding UX Designing

User experience design, or more commonly called UX design. Simply put, it means positive user experience.

As mobile is the new user friendly computing device, the best UX design now lies on 2 key factors – Discoverability & Efficiency.

Meaning, if a mobile app runs smoothly and has eye-catching interfaces, it will hold the users longer. Thus, you will get the desired outcome.

In UX design, the primary objective is to make the product/service stand out in the user’s eye.

If it holds their attention, they will buy the product/service.

The Main Purpose of UX Designing

The ultimate purpose of UX design is to create efficient and pleasant experiences for the user.

Hence, there are some crucial points to understand about UX design:

  • User experience design is developing and improving the quality of interaction between a user and all facets of a company.
  • User experience design is employed specifically by digital industries.
  • UX design is not just about visuals.
  • UX design focuses on the overall feel of the experience. It is about how the user feels while using your app rather than just looking pretty.

Essential Mobile UX Design Tips

ux designer

Developing a Mobile UX Design is fairly complicated. Working on a UX design involves several factors.

To start with customer interaction, an escalating number of users and their expectations, and pleasurable experiences are a few to name.

Pay attention to the following key mobile UX design tips that contribute to a good customer experience. You can even partner-up with companies like Digitrends, which provide advanced custom mobile application development services.

Follow Guidelines

The operating system (OS) is integral to UX design. When designing or developing a mobile app developer should always consider:

  • Guideline compliance with the specific operating system
  • Prioritize main features relevant to the business
  • Ease of access
  • Provide appropriate mobile-only functionality
  • Phone numbers to “click-to-call” CTAs.

Focus on Target Audience

If an app, aimed for a target market, reaches its target user efficiently, it is surely converted to potential buyers and loyal customers.

The target audiences’ interest is significant when building a good mobile user experience.

Remember, the success of a mobile app is directly proportional to fulfilling end-user’s design expectations. Hence, it is essential to design an app that ensures users get an admirable first impression when interacting with the apps’ interface.

Locate Your Customer Base

To locate the customer base, look for user personas. Identify a user’s backgrounds, needs, and goals.
Check competitive analysis, mapping, or coordinate with developers like Digitrends for a minimum viable product (MVP).

Target market is crucial, nonetheless, finding the right customer base is not that hard. Despite their age, gender, education level, and origin, every consumer requires one of three features:

  • A result-oriented app, that
  • Offers a prompt solution, while
  • Providing simple entertainment.

Thus, a result- driven, problem-solving app that a user enjoys will definitely keep them hooked.

Simple, Minimalistic Content

Mobile screen sizes are smaller. Reading lengthy text on these mobile screens increases cognitive load and makes it about twice as hard to understand. Make sure the UX design’s content is clear and simple.
While it is important to give necessary information about your business and to keep the customers updated, too much of it can be repelling.

There are certain elements that can make or break a UX design. These need to be considered while developing or designing content are:

  • Font type and size
  • Avoid long scroll screens
  • Think about mobile battery life
  • Speed
  • Image sizes
Tips for UX Design

Font type and size

A pleasant user reading experience calls for the right typeface. A legible font in which user can differentiate between letters without straining their eyes is the target.

Ensure highest legibility typeface through choosing right font size, line spacing, letter spaces, line length, and color contrast.

One advice is to choose fonts with distinctive and open letterforms with minimum 12 pt font size and 2cm line spacing.

Avoiding long scrolls

When it comes to mobile user friendly content, minimalism is the key.

Even though, stating all facts are important, a pro UX/UI designer will ensure to deliver the main message whilst retaining the readers’ attention.

This can be delivered through marking one main CTA on each page, adding arrows or scroll bars that helps user navigate through the information.  

Easy on the battery and storage

An app, no matter how productive or eye-catching, consumes larger space and battery portions of the phone, there is a high chance many users will eventually uninstall it.

Keep in mind, location detection and image storage of apps takes away battery and large spaces of the phone drive.


Primary rule of a good mobile app UX design is its high speed and lower bounce rate.

The longer a user waits for the features to load, the higher will be the frustration level, leading to greater bounce rate.

Use of Images

With average users’ attention span declining every year. Now, it’s crucial than ever to keep the readers entertained while providing information.

This is where images do their work. Switching between plane text and colorful images can re-alarm the human brain, causing its attention to be regained every few seconds. Also, infographics can be of great use too.

Although, images are ideal for maintaining readers’ attention, image overload can put-off a user as well.

Remember, the minimalism rule also implies here. Therefore, use necessary images of proper size that don’t take long to load.

Ideal mobile user-experience

Designing a usable and enjoyable mobile experience is more than just good aesthetics.

An excellent mobile UX-designed application should be:

  • Utilizable
  • Useful
  • Desirable
  • Findable-
  • Accessible
  • Credible


With constant advancements in the UX/UI design world, modification is important. However, aligning the mobile app UX design with strong basics is crucial.

A successful mobile app UX design mainly relies on high user engagement levels. Hence, designing a utilizable, engaging, prompt acting application should be the prime focal point.

Keep an eye on the UX design experts of the market, such as Digitrends. They can help you design the best customized mobile app for your business type and target audience.  

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