Materials that make your custom rigid set-up boxes()

Custom Rigid set-up boxes play an important role in the success and popularity of your brand. A rigid packaging solution can increase your sales by a huge margin and earn you a substantial customer base.

Custom boxes are ideal if you want to package your expensive items. They offer great strength and stability, ensuring that customers get the items in their original state.

What makes rigid boxes so durable and reliable? Well, multiple factors combine and play an impressive role in making them an ideal choice for most brands.

One of them is the material that is used in the making of rigid cases. You must use the right kind of material for your rigid packaging. If you use some ordinary material, this packaging may lose its true essence.

Material Plays An Important Role In Custom Rigid Set-Up Boxes

You have no idea how important a role material plays when it comes to packaging. If you want to print attractive designs, you need to have packaging with good material.

The material must be good enough to encourage creativity when it comes to printing designs. The whole idea of packaging is to create unique and trendy boxes to create an appeal.

Now you know the importance of the material in making packaging, let’s now find out some of the best materials you can use for your products. Using the right material can help you drive your business the right way.

Types Of Material To Use For Custom Rigid Set-Up Boxes

Successful brand owners understand the importance of good material. The material speaks a lot about the brand itself. And what the customer can get in return for their money. Let’s delve deep into materials

Chipboard Packaging

Manufacturers use several materials for the making of small rigid boxes. Most packaging companies use chipboard as they are sturdy and perform well under all circumstances.

Recycled paper is usually used in the making of chipboard material. It makes the material more sustainable and durable. The variable thickness of chipboard makes great boxes for oddly shaped products.

Chipboard packaging solution is less expensive and lighter in weight. You have an option to recycle chipboard boxes up to countless times. This is the beauty of green packaging.

Chipboard packaging causes no harm to the environment. Chipboard material falls into the category of environment-friendly material.

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Corrugated Cardboard packaging is also called a Cardboard box and you can make a white rigid box out of it. They use corrugated material when the brand wants to deliver basic products.

These are not recommended types of boxes for delivering luxury items. But can be an ideal option for basic category items. They can save you a lot of money as the material is cheap and easily accessible.

Corrugated cardboard material is the way to go if you want rigid boxes just to deliver items without worrying about the brand image.

Paperboard Packaging

Paperboard packaging is not the most suitable option for rigid packaging boxes. The material is prone to water damage. However, if you wish to use paperboard packaging, ensure that you pay for extra triple wall paperboard.

When you have triple wall paperboard, it provides great strength to the content of the box. Paperboard packaging generally costs a lot of money. Most brand owner prefers chipboard packaging over paperboard mainly because of affordability and strength.

Litho-Laminate For Rigid Boxes

Litho-laminate is the preferable choice for the rigid box design. The material is so good that it can easily earn you a lot of new customers. Customers get boxes that provide great protection under all circumstances.

If you want to impress your customers with the quality and appearance of your boxes, using litho-laminate is necessary. You cannot add charisma to your packaging until and unless you use this material.

It increases the shelf life and creates an appeal that grabs the customer’s attention. The packaging must always be good enough to appeal to customers at the very first glance.

When customers like your packaging, they start to interact with the item, and that leads to the sale. This is why your rigid gift boxes must be top-notch to advertise your items in a great way.

Litho-laminate supports any type of creativity on the box and allows you to add different trendy designs. You can add different colours and impressive styles to attract an audience as well.

Benefits Of Good Quality Material

Better advertise your brand

When you use high-quality material for your rigid boxes, they advertise your product in a good way. Good quality material enhances the value of your brand and earns customer trust.

Customers can easily judge by the quality of your packaging and what you have to offer. And that force customers to spend money on the item.

Customers are always hungry to get value in return for their spending. And when you give them value, you have them for a long time.

Your luxury rigid box can become a great source of advertisement to endorse your items in a decent way. When you print a brand name or logo on the boxes, they promote your brand wherever they go.

Create Brand Identity

Good packaging boxes build a brand identity for a brand. Why is that important? You may not be able to go big if you fail to create a brand identity. Customers must always easily identify your item out of dozen others.

How is this possible? You can use printing options and add catchy designs. To let customers know how your brand is different from others and how a customer can easily identify your brand and its products.

Final Note

Custom Rigid set-up boxes are an ideal option to take your business to the next level. It is only possible when you use good quality material for the making of boxes.

Now you have learned what materials are available and how you can pick the best out of them per your brand requirement. Choose what can serve best to your customers, and you will be able to take your business to the next level.

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