Wave Internet is ranked among the top service providers in the country with a strong footprint etched on the US West Coast. The escalating stats as they cross 400,000 and above, across the various locations of Oregon, Alaska, and California among numerous others, are proof of the company’s dedication to engineering optimum communication solutions for its consumer base. Whether it is delivering stellar internet plans, fun-packed TV deals, or reliable phone service, Wave ensures that customers receive high-value service features for an unbelievable price range!

Wave TV – Excellent Service at Your Fingertips!

Although Wave Broadband covers around 140 cities and more across the US, Wave TV ensures that audiences are never deprived of juicy entertainment preferences. Consequently, Wave TV brings top-notch TV content to its dedicated audiences that truly lights up their after-hours with non-stop entertainment.

With an extensive channel lineup and appealing TV plans that bundle high-speed Wave or TDS Internet with terrific TV service, this provider ensures that service subscriptions are easier now more than ever! If you have been a Wave customer for a long, then you are already aware that the service does not implement any kind of price hikes, unexpectedly on the customer.

Or, Have You Just Started Your Journey with Wave Broadband?

However, if you are a new subscriber, then you will be surprised to find out that Wave’s TV plans are highly customizable and come with a price-lock, meaning that prices would not fluctuate within the first 12 months of your subscription. So you can relax and enjoy Wave Broadband in all its glory!

The good news doesn’t stop here! Wave’s customer-centric approach is all about optimum satisfaction at the consumer end, so the provider ensures a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its users, even after you have signed up with Wave. This states the provider’s support for the new subscriber and is an indication of their confidence in their service packages.

Isn’t this absolutely fantastic! 

What’s New About the New Wave Cable?

The New Wave Cable is all about getting good value for your money! This means that irrespective of where you are located, you can bundle cable TV with Wave Internet as bundling the two services together removes the hassle of dealing with multiple bills and gives you a single bill for all subscribed services. The deal could not get any better since most users primarily depend on Cable TV for their daily dose of entertainment and selecting a monthly plan will help them with just that!

The channel offerings by Wave TV are top-notch yet aplenty, so one will never run out of options. Wave users have access to a plethora of popular entertainment channel networks, both local public and broadcast, which simply gets better if they opt for the Expanded Wave Cable. Always keeping you hooked to the screen, Wave TV channel line-up includes popular local cable channels such as FOX, ABC, and CBS, while the HD subscription channel lists are not far behind and include HBO® and SHOWTIME® among several others.

Moreover, sports lovers will not be disappointed with the wide range of channels lined up with the likes of ESPNU, NFL RedZone, along with several others. The High On-Demand TV content allows access to the latest in TV entertainment, so you are always updated. Not to forget that with Wave TV service, it simply gets easier to pause, rewind, and even order your all-time favorite TV shows and movies, anytime all in HD.

However, It Doesn’t End Here! 

The TV streaming options are no less than the broadcasted ones and ensure that your favorite TV content is always accessible, whether you are stuck at home, due to the weather or are on the move with your friends. The Wave TV On-The-Go option is the friend that constantly keeps you entertained and gives you company when you are stuck in unfamiliar zones. Enjoy the best of entertainment, anytime and anywhere on a screen of your choice. What’s more, Wave ensures that you never face any kind of service break or disruption when you are tuned in to your favorite video content.

For this, users have the option to select an internet speed of their choice, followed by a streaming service they enjoy. Thus, make sure that your entire streaming experience is nothing short of spectacular! The diversity in the channel line-up is more than enough to keep the entire family entertained. Popular streaming options available for Wave subscription holders include Hulu, Netflix, fuboTV, or Sling which make optimal use of your Wave Internet.

Wave Bundles that You Don’t Want to Miss!

If you are looking for an awesome cable TV plan, then you will find that Wave TV is ideal because it comes with some great benefits that are not found elsewhere. And are easy on the pocket too!

The Basic Wave Cable TV Bundle

This cable TV plan includes more than 40 local and on-Demand TV channels, along with music, news, sports, and related streaming options that are also available for users.

The Preferred Wave Cable TV Bundle

This cable TV plan includes more than 220 local and on-Demand TV channels, along with music, news, sports, and related streaming options. With your favorite channels always at your fingertips, you have more choices than ever before!

The Premier Wave Cable TV Bundle

This cable TV plan includes more than 290 local and on-Demand TV channels, along with music, news, sports, and related streaming options. With your favorite channels combined with specialty channels, you have a gazillion options readily available!

Cable TV Equipment and Essentials for Your Home

Wave TV provides you with essentials when you purchase a TV plan for your family. Wave users have the option to rent a universal converter along with an HD receiver and even a TiVo streaming DVR. However, the best part is that Wave TV does not require any kind of advance deposits when you purchase the TV Converter Box. You purchase as you go!

Final Words

Wave TV bundles start for as low as $33.00 per month and for the next 12 months, you never have to worry about the extra fee or missing your favorite seasons since the discounted price tags of the TV service and the channel line-up is too wonderful to be missed! Treat your entire family today with a fast and reliable service like Wave TV. For more information, contact the customer care center and find out which bundles are the most popular in your region. Or how you can customize monthly deals in a better way. Hurry now, so that you never miss the best deals of the month! 

Nonetheless, while Wave Broadband and its plethora of fantastic services will always be our top recommendation, even if it’s not available in your region, then you have nothing to worry about! For there are some areas where the infrastructure for Wave Broadband is weak and needs constant work to provide top-quality service. In that case, we suggest that you check out the BuyTVInternetPhone and look for a service provider that has better access in your area. Always invest in a service that’s worth every penny and is not easily disrupted because of some weather change or otherwise.

*Please note all pricing plans and deals mentioned here in the article are subject to change.

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