COVID-19 has raised alarm bells for the tourism, hospitality and food sectors. The importance of personal and food hygiene cannot be overstated as the slightest carelessness on that part can have dire consequences on the lives of the customers as well as the businesses. Therefore, as life and trains are slowly coming back on track, we at Zoop are making every effort to ensure that passengers travel safely and comfortably. ZOOP’s eCatering service has taken stringent measures to reduce the risk of infection and issued health and safety guidelines for its authorized food partners and vendors. So that, when you order your favorite meal on the train seat, you are promised security along with your meal.

In order to maintain safety and hygiene while preparing it for food delivery in train, we have prepared a comprehensive hygiene checklist for food so that travelers can make food carefree. Want to know what our restaurant vendors are doing to ensure food safety and hygiene in the kitchen? Read on to find out.

1. Wearing of Masks: As per the advice of World Health Organization and Ministry of Health, wearing of masks has been made mandatory for all staff members involved in food preparation.

2. Regular temperature check: All staff members are required to undergo body temperature check every day and any employee with above normal temperature needs to rest at home.

3. Frequent hand washing: All staff members wash their hands regularly and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soap and water and sanitize them regularly with alcohol-based sanitizer.

4. Sanitizing the kitchen: According to the WHO guidelines, the kitchen is cleaned and sanitized every four hours. All kitchen equipment including utensils, service equipment, cutting boards, work tables etc. are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using hot/detergent and hot water. After this washing and washing, the kitchen is cleaned either manually or mechanically using a good quality sanitizing solution.

5. Washing and Cooking: Raw foods are thoroughly washed before use and the food is cooked at high temperatures to potentially kill any viruses.

6. Proper Packaging: Once prepared, the food is enclosed in a package that is properly sealed so that the food item is not contaminated by any foreign matter.

In addition to these measures, minimum contact delivery and prepaid orders are encouraged. All the delivery officers have been advised to be careful in handling the food. Officers will also have to wear masks and maintain proper social distancing while ordering their food. Install & use of Aarogya Setu application (from play store)  for contact tracing and quick self-assessment is also encouraged.

We believe that ZOOP eCatering is well equipped to serve the customers satisfactorily by taking care of proper food hygiene and sanitation. As a remedy, we request you to order only from ZOOP eCatering while traveling by train and do not fall prey to touts or other vendors who are our partner’s. It’s hard to match the quality and hygiene standards we promise and deliver. As time demands all of us to be alert, to order your food order from train, download ZOOP eCatering ‘Zoop Mobile Application’, or call +91 – 8010802222 or visit our official website www.zoopindian. go to com.

As essential travel cannot be avoided, we are taking all measures and precautions to fight COVID-19, even as we gradually adapt to the ‘new normal’. When it comes to Zoop e Catering, you can rest assured that food safety and hygiene in the kitchen is paramount and will not be compromised at any cost. As mentioned above, a strict set of guidelines are shared with all our restaurant partners.

With the help of regular follow-up action with zone officials and live videos, we are ensuring that all vendors are following these instructions and playing their part in maintaining food safety. Now that the extensive catering food menu is back, you might be confused as to what to order. but do not worry. Take a look at other users recommendations and enjoy your train journey. Even during these unprecedented times, we will endeavor to serve you healthy, quality and safe food for all your train journeys in India. To place your orders, download the ZOOP app or visit

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