Are you planning to hire a towing service? Knowing the different types of tow trucks and their uses will help you to assess the best suitable towing vehicle to fit your requirements. Perhaps you must be aware that a vehicle can break down due to several reasons. Unfortunately, it can break down on the road, parking space, or in front of the owner’s house. 

In such a situation, a transportation means would be required to move this vehicle to an automobile repair shop. This is where towing trucks come into place. They are mainly used to transport cars that are indisposed, disabled, improperly parked, and impounded.

However, they are not limited to just the above-mentioned uses. The other uses of towing trucks include transportation of heavy equipment, property, and trade goods. They come with a tough body to be capable of carrying heavy loads without any breakdown. Not only that but they are also considered to be heavy-duty vehicles that can run on all terrains. 

Now that you have a brief idea about the towing trucks, let’s check out the different types of vehicles used for towing service.

Types of Tow Trucks

Typically, there are four types of towing trucks and each type has its own use or purpose. 

  1. Flatbed Towing Truck

This is the most commonly used towing vehicle that comes with a long, empty bed and a flat top. It comprises a hydraulics system that moves the flatbed in the upward or downward direction. It is widely used for towing services as it can be easily deployed. 

Flatbeds are also referred to as Slide or Rollback towing trucks. A vehicle in need of towing can easily move up the ramp or can be pulled up with the help of flatbeds. So opt for flatbed towing truck service if you need to transport a vehicle that faces any sort of failure issue on the road.

  1. Integrated Towing Truck

This truck is best known for its heavy-duty towing service. It comes with a towing arm that is further enclosed into the truck body. With additional axles that help in providing improved strength and stability, an integrated towing truck is an ideal choice for transporting construction vehicles, buses, and big rigs.

  1. Hook and Chain Towing Truck

Although being widely used in the past, this towing truck is no more common due to its nature of applying a lot of pressure on the towed vehicle. Also, the chain can cause damages or scratches on the vehicle. Now, this truck is only used for moving wrecked cards to damage the vehicle’s drivetrain.

  1. Wheel-Lift Towing Truck

Almost similar to Hook and Chain towing truck, this vehicle uses a metal yoke instead of a hook and chain. This reduces the risk of causing any damage to the towed vehicle. However, this towing truck is not as safe as a flatbed towing truck.

Uses of Towing Trucks

  • These trucks are an ideal option for transporting luxury and expensive vehicles safely to your desired location without any damage or scratch.
  • A reliable towing service can help you to transport your goods to a new state. This may include moving your car, furniture, household goods, and other belongings.
  • Transportation of heavy equipment and machines require special handling measures for the safety of the machinery as well the people moving them. In this case, Flatbed tow trucks can be used to transport them safely.
  • In the case of expanding your business or opening a brand new store across the country, you will need shipping containers to safely transport new products, furniture, etc. A towing truck can move these containers to the destination without causing any damage.
  • Every business poses a logistics requirement in some way or the other. With a high capacity to carry heavy loads, a towing truck can efficiently transfer your raw materials or finished products from one place t another.

Final Note

You may find numerous towing truck services in the market. But always make sure to hire a reliable and fast towing service. This will ensure the safety of your vehicle, goods, or belongings. Hope this article has helped you to learn about the different types and uses of towing services.

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