A sliding glass door is also known as patio door or doorway. It is a type of sliding door used in construction and in architecture. It has a large glass window opening that provide access to the outdoors. They provide fresh air and natural light from outside.

Sliding doors in Melbourne offers space saving opportunities. Sliding glass provide better security, and is featured with glass pack and insulated frames. They provide better energy efficiency than traditional French doors. Sliding doors are fitted with composite gaskets. They offer optimal thermal insulation. They acts as a weather and sound barrier and keeps dust and rain out of room space. Fit your interiors with sliding doors in Melbourne

Types of Sliding doors :

There are different types of sliding doors like patio sliding doors, bypass doors, pocket sliding doors, and sliding bi-fold doors. 

Single glazed windows:

Get quality aluminum windows and doors that is made from powder coat solutions. There’re single glazed, double glazed and acoustic windows. There are different types of single glazed windows like Fixed Lite windows, Casement windows, Awning windows, sliding windows, double hung windows and Louvre windows. 

Fixed Lite windows are great for letting the light in and opening up a room. It is featured with architectural aluminum. It is available in thirty different powder coat solutions. It has minimal frame that allows maximum light and visibility. Awning Windows are practical choice for replacement windows. It has architectural aluminum series frame. It has a range of glazing options. It is well suited for energy efficiency , privacy and noise reduction. 

Types of Sliding doors :

Single Glazed doors:

Single Glazed doors comes in sliding door options. There’re stacker doors, hinged doors, bi fold doors, and corner doors. 

Slider doors :

Sliding doors create seamless transition from indoor to outdoor. It has a simple, modern and functional design. It has two panel and four panel options. It comes with standard lockable door handle. It is fitted with a patio bolt for extra security. It has a standard latching fly-screen. 

Stacker doors :

There are stacker door with single glazed option. Stacker doors took sliding door to next level. It increases the opening width by utilizing extra sliding panels. Stacker doors have three, four and eight panel options. It is fitted with patio for extra security. It has a standard latching flyscreen. There are arrangement of glazing option that suits energy efficiency, noise reduction, and security needs. 

Hinged doors :

A hinged door is an aluminum framed glass door that serves as a access door.  It is customized to open in or open out. It can be made either in single door or as a french doors. It comes with standard four point lock system. There are arrangement of glazing option to suit energy efficiency needs. 

Bi-fold doors :

Bi fold doors create seamless fusion between interior spaces and the outdoor spaces. Bifold are the entertainer door of choice due to large clear opening space they create. It has an Architectural aluminum series frame. It opens out. It can be made in a window size. It comes in standard four point lock system. There’re range of glazing option with energy efficiency, privacy and noise reduction facility. 

Corner doors :

Both sliding doors and stacker doors are made as corner doors. This style allows indoor space to flow effortlessly into your outdoor alfresco or patio. It has airy lock Architectural Aluminum series frame. It is available in sliding door or stacker door. It has glazing options that suit energy efficiency and noise reduction needs. It is available in double glazed option. 

Companies that supply sliding doors in Melbourne :

All sliding door repairs Melbourne, Whetstone Windows & doors, Feature doors & windows, DoorsToday, Sliding door repairs and security door in Melbourne supply sliding doors in Melbourne. Agency supply aluminum windows and doors. Feature your interior space with sliding doors in Melbourne.

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